Jewelry Gift Boxes

We really like these colored jewelry gift boxes. They come already set up. Boxes are made of white chipboard and are covered with colored papers as shown. Boxes, are of two sizes: Medium: 7.5 X 5.5 X 1 inch’s depth and comes with an inner cotton fill pad. This gift box size is for the necklaces. And the Bracelet’s box size is Small: 3.5 X 3.5 X 2 inches depth. Both jewelry boxes are of silver metallic tone and the bow is gold colored. The bow is 1" diameter made of 16 loops of 3/16" wide satin finish polypropylene ribbon. This box and bow combination compliments the hand-made necklaces and bracelets. The jewelry boxes and the bow are FREE with the purchase of any jewelry over $10, from now until 1 January 2018 You can buy the boxes alone and separately at $10 each.

Jewelry Gift Boxes
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  • Item #: 14A
  • Manufacturer: McLaughlin Collections
  • Condition: New
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