Stamp Collecting As Pastime

Many people are at a loss to understand the fascination that surrounds the pursuit of stamp collecting. They are surprised at the clannishness of stamp collectors, and their lifelong devotion to their hobby. They are thunderstruck at the enormous prices paid for rare stamps, and at the fortunes that are spent and made in stamp collecting. This book, Stamp Collecting will afford a peep behind the scenes, and explain how it is that, after nearly over a century and a half of existence, stamp collecting has never been more popular than it is today. If you are in search of a hobby I assure you none is more attractive or more satisfying than stamp collecting. The literature of stamp collecting is more abundant than that devoted to any other hobby. You can find these volumes almost everywhere. Governments and statesmen recognize, unsolicited, the claims of stamp collecting—the power, the influence, and the wealth that it commands. This is a Downloadable Ebook

Stamp Collecting As Pastime
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