The Dog Owners Handbook 6030

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What you will find in this book:

Dog Owners Handbook e-book Introduction: There are over a hundred registered breeds of dogs. Recognizing the type of the dog is basically associated with its breed. A purebred animal belongs to a documented and acknowledged group of unmixed lineages.

Before a breed of dog is recognized, it must be proven that mating two adult dogs of the same type would have passed on their exact characteristics, both appearance and behavior, to their offspring. If you are thinking of adopting or buying a pet dog for yourself, it is important to know which type of dog you want.

This Dog Owners Handbook e-book Covers the following: Overview of Different Breeds of Dogs Selecting a Breeder Purebred versus Mutt Adopting A Dog – Puppy or Adult? How to Housebreak Your Puppy Obedience Training for Your Dog Is Your Dog Fat? Proper Diet for Your Dog Canine Vaccinations Are Essential Dogs Have Allergies Too! All About Heartworms in Your Dog Dental Care for Your Dog Fighting Flea Infestation Your Questions on Canine Hip Dysplasia – Answered Traveling with Your Dog This is a Downloadable e-book



 Dog Owners Handbook PLR E-Book

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The Dog Owners Handbook 6030
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