US 1957-59 Stamp set

Here are descriptions of some of the stamps that are included in this assorted US Stamps package # 4002 3¢ Gunston Hall. Located, on the shore of the Potomac River, just down-river from Mount Vernon, Gunston Hall was the residence of the early American patriot George Mason. This 550-acre plantation was built between 1755-60. It is said that Mason personally oversaw every aspect of the construction. Issue Date: June 12, 1958. Perforations: 11 x 10.5. Color: Light green 1958 4¢ Overland Mail, is a centennial commemoration of the first overland mail route across the continental United States. The use of San Francisco as the location for the first day of issue suggests that the Postal Office Department recognized John Butterfield’s service in building the first overland mail route. But there is another contender for that title. Issue Date: October 10, 1958. Perforations: 11 x 10 ½. Color: Crimson rose 1958-59 4¢ Lincoln-Douglas Debates. Third, in the Lincoln Sesquicentennial Series, this issue recalls the 1858 political debates between Abraham Lincoln and Stephen A. Douglas that made Lincoln a national figure. Issue Date: August 27, 1958. Perforations: 11 x 10 ½. Color: Sepia 1959 4¢ St. Lawrence Seaway is the first stamp to be issued jointly between the United States and another country. The Post Office Department collaborated with Canada to release a stamp for the St. Lawrence Seaway. The U.S. stamp was issued in Massena, New York, while Canada’s stamp was issued in Ottawa. Issue Date: June 26, 1959. Perforations: 11. Color: Red and dark blue 1958 4¢ Simon Bolivar - Champions of Liberty, commemorates Simón Bolívar, who was nicknamed the “George Washington of South America. Bolivar was the second subject featured in the “Champions of Liberty Series." This stamp was produced by rotary press with a 10 ½ x 11 perforation. 1959 4¢ Petroleum Industry Centennial. The first oil well in America was drilled in Titusville, Pennsylvania – the site of the First Day of Issue. The stamp marked the 100th anniversary of the “Drake Well,” named after owner Edwin Drake. Issue Date: August 27, 1959. Perforations: 10 ½ x 11. Color: Brown.
US 1957-59 Stamp set
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