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WELCOME to McLaughlin Collections - We are a resourceful company that sells e-books ready for resale. We are also a hard to find e-books information resource, designed to help you learn more about personal finance.

Click around, and you will find a variety excellency Browse in our e-books section, where you will surely find a book or two, that will capture your attention. Here we have a variety of interesting books that are available for editing, placing your name on them as the author, then resell them and make fast and easy money.  We have financial e-books on how to make money fast and easy. Here are some of our e-books on sale:

Online Poker, Smart Parenting, Travel for Free, Repair Your Credit, Moving Abroad, Dog Owner Handbook, Free College, Real Estate Income Secrets, Paid to Shop, Making Money Online, 7 Easy Ways to Make Money While You’re Sleeping, Paid Surveys, Get Out of Debt, How to Win Scratch-Off Lottery Tickets, How to Overcome Stress, Making Money With Garage Sales. 

Online Profits Black Book, Card Tricks, Budget Travel and more. Best of all, when you order any of these e-books, you will get instant access by simply downloading it to your desktop. Please check often back, because we're constantly adding new material. If you have a specific question or want more information, click on Contact Us, drop us an e-mail message at VIACENTRAL@AOL.COM We're ready to help. Most Sincerely.






Sorry, this page is so long, just trying to cover most everything that could happen… So on with it...

If I buy a Product will I Be the Only One That Has it, or Can others buy it?

At our low prices, we could not make a profit or stay in business if we only sold each item to one person. Unless you know a secret I don’t? Also, if only one person could own it, it wouldn’t be PLR, would it? Nope. So yes others can purchase. But, that is not something to worry about.

For one thing, most people who buy something never do anything with it or do very little. Not trying to be negative, just reporting the facts. Also, if you purchase a PLR you can edit it, so it doesn’t take much to make it different.

A new cover, new title, and editing the product, quick enough you have something that is your own. Still, worrying about others can be very limiting thinking. Look at how many places sell the same computers? Laptops? Mobile Phones, and an almost endless supply of products and services. There will always be competition.

In reality, competition can be proof there is a market. So instead of worrying about everyone else, why not spend that time marketing and promoting? Not trying to preach or throw out self-help advice, just saying, there are better things to spend our time on.

What payment options do you offer?

You can use pretty much any valid credit card or debit card. All payments are done through our payment processor, Stripe. Since they handle everything about the payment, we can not help if your credit or debit card is declined. We do not have the power to “to make” a payment go through, and frankly we would never want that ability.


IMPORTANT NOTE: All payment details are done through our payment processor platform. This website does NOT store any of your financial details whatsoever.

IMPORTANT NOTE 2: All products are zip files, containing computer files, so they must be downloaded to a desktop computer or full laptop. They can NOT be downloaded to mobile phones or tablets.

How do I get what I ordered?

Everything purchased from our store is downloaded from your customer account. When a purchase is completed and the payment has been made, you will be automatically returned to our store, to your account page. On your account page or the “My Account” page, it will list your order and provide download links.


If for some reason this does not happen, or the browser window is closed or the process stopped, you can of course log into your account at any time to download as well.

NOTE: All download links automatically expire after 7 days, to protect the product downloads. If your order is older than 7 days, and you need to download it again, please contact us, or click the Red Support link in the bottom right corner of any page on our site.

I Am Having Trouble Downloading

Even in this day and age, some parts of the world do not have the best internet service. For all the people who have trouble, most live in the same parts of the world. Its rare one of our downloads is bad, so often it’s an internet connection issue.

Some ideas…

Download Managers – Every internet browser offers these extensions and plugins.


Download Manager

Turbo Download Manager

Or Save to your favorite back up service.

For Firefox: