How to Play Guitar Like a Pro 6031

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What you will find in this book:

Now, obviously you aren’t going to qualify for any awards after reading this guide, however, this breakthrough guide will teach you the basics and the rest will be up to you. Getting the answers to questions like the following is easy: • History of the guitar – Did you know that the guitar has been around for least 5,000 years ago? • What are the different kinds of guitars? Choose from acoustical, class or what about resonator? • Learning guitar lingo – Riff, reverb or tablature – what do they mean? • You’ve got to know it to play it – exploring the parts of a guitar • How to care for your guitar – give it the proper care and your guitar will give you years of service • Begin at the beginning – learn how to hold your guitar • Methods for tuning your guitar – it just must sound right or you’ll get nowhere fast • Learning chord structure • How to practice changing chords And much more! This is a Downloadable eBook

How to Play Guitar Like a Pro 6031
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